As the US Presidential race heats up across the border, Portland artist Jimm Lasser has altered Air Force Ones to create a shoe that features candidate Barack Obama.

Under a profile of Obama’s face, the text reads “A Black Man Runs and a Nation is Behind Him.”

The really interesting thing is that the other shoe in the pair has carved into it yet another picture of Obama.  I thought this one was a little less recognizeable, until I saw that it is actually designed to create a print of Obama.  I think that is pretty ingenious.

Can you imagine if he and his supporters were wearing these shoes while campaigning, leaving images of Obama’s face all over the land, pressed into the ground, tracked on the pavement.  How cool would that be?

3 Responses to “Presidential Shoes: The Obama Force One”

  1. I saw these shoes in person, and let me tell you, they’re pretty amazing. It was really innovative, and a very cool idea.

  2. Oh man, that must have been awesome. Art always knocks my socks off when I can see it in the flesh.

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